Dietary Ingredients

Novel Nutrients manufactures and markets Innovative Herbal Extracts, Fine chemicals, Essential Oils and various ingredients for dietary supplement and cosmetics. We are focused for Innovative research in order to introduce new molecule to global pharmaceutical and cosmaceutical industries and to fulfill our customer requirements. Our products complies as per International Standards.

Dietary Supplements

Novel Nutrients has developed innovative dietary supplements. Novel Nutrients manufactures and delivers finished formulations in the form of Creams, Gels, Capsules, Tablets, Custom blends/Private Labeling that enable our customers to meet the increasingly stringent statutory regulations of FDA and other such health organization. Novel Nutrients has been an integral part of the sports and healthcare market. The professionals at Novel Nutrients scrutinize critical research in order to develop and market the most effective products available. Arriving at reasonably priced supplements while maintaining optimal quality, these products have been formulated with specific goals in mind, which include boosting lean muscle mass, losing body fat, improving general health, and increasing strength, tone, and energy.

Novel Nutrients operating policy is unparalleled in its commitment to the final consumer. That is, educate consumers and provide the most effective products at the best price possible.

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