Novel Nutrientss is providing customized finished formulation for various Dietary Supplements and cosmetics. We provide formulation techniques and private labeling for healthcare and cosmetic use. We also develop customized formulations in the form of capsules, tablets, creams and gels to pharmaceutical and cosmaceutical industries globally.

Connected daily to our customers through an extensive network of technical service managers, we listen closely to customer needs and continue to develop creative ideas, new products, additional services and innovative technologies.

Knowing how time-to-market influences success, we help our customers complete their projects – from product concept through dietary supplement and cosmetic formulation development to final production – in reduced time frames.


Novel Nutrientss Regulatory Affairs and Quality Departments work closely together to stay up-to-date on all regulatory changes that affect the components used in formulating our products. Their role of providing accurate information and tracking new developments ensures our products meet the compendia requirements and the highest standards for quality, safety and functionality.

Monitoring the global regulatory environment to assure that our customers products meet domestic and international standard is a serious responsibility. We recognize the significant impact that current industry trends, new science and rapidly changing government regulations have on the global marketing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical and cosmaceuticals.

We provide regulatory services like

Dossier preparation as per ACTD & CTD.

Dossier preparation as per country guidelines for semi regulated markets and SCIS countries.

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