Our Mission

  • Research Innovative Products & Develop Markets Worldwide with our network, long-term approach and maintaining highest ethical standards. Novel Nutrientss provides & enhances customer satisfaction by consistently supplying quality ingredients & finished products complying with customer's requirements.
  • Novel Nutrientss will be a market leader in providing Quality Ingredients and Finished Products to the Pharmaceutical & Cosmaceutical industries in a timely and dependable manner.
  • Customer relationship through Innovation, Quality and Services.
  • To meet regulatory requirements as per International Standards.
  • To identify Innovative Dietary Supplements, Customers and Market Segments to ensure continuous growth.

Our Vision

Improve the quality of life by Developing and Marketing Healthcare and Sports Nutrition Products at affordable prices while ensuring highest quality Innovative Products.

"To become Asia's leading and one among the top 20 Nutrients companies in the world, by 2018."

Our Values

  • Improving quality of life of our customers, as we believe quality is a way of life.
  • Creating value for our shareholders, for the trust bestowed on us.
  • Building an empowered and ethical Novel Nutrientss family, as the foundation for a bright future.
  • Striving for excellence in whatever we do, to follow the exclusive path to leadership.
  • Flexibility and speed shall be our oars for navigating the turbulent seas.

Quality Policy

  • Is highly committed to Innovation in Dietary Supplements by introducing cost-effective and efficacious products in market.
  • There shall be continuous efforts to improve product quality and its safety by complying with various national and international standards.
  • To enhance the customer satisfaction level, we shall be committed to provide quality service and achieve confidence in our product and us.
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